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Cybersecurity Testing

Change is inevitable. As our reliability on digital platforms continues grow, so does the vulnerability on them. Cyber attacks grew with more than 37% in the beginning of 2020. A number of organisations deploy security controls, but they do spend time and effort nor any means to examine if these security controls are a fit for their organisations.

Here at Agoa we personalise cyber security and test your infrastructure in the following areas:

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Cloud Security

Cloud computing is evolving at a incredible rate. However, despite massive advances over the years Security still stands as the biggest barrier to adoption of Cloud computing for many companies. To many companies the risks of the unknown are just too high. Cloud computing is seen as effectively putting all their trust in a 3rd party. If things go wrong they can go very wrong very quickly. Yet the news of success stories continues to grow companies like Spotify and Netflix and the many benefit they have achieved from embracing Cloud computing. Benefits that really only become available to those that embrace the Cloud. For example significant cost reductions through pay as you go type services, rapid deployment times, high availability data centers all over the world.

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Managed Security

As the digital platforms grows, it is important to note that security threats are also evolving. Here at Agoa we understand this. We believe to continually evolve in the way we deliver our managed security services to ensure your system is secure and protected.

We are here to make sure your systems respond fast to potential threats. We have great experience in managing security services. Some of the areas we look into are:

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Governance Risks & Compliance

Governance Risks & Compliance (GRC) plays a crucial importance in relation to the development and success on managing risk. We at Agoa believes that without the right risk management and governance in place, your organisation faces not only security threats but as well as operational and regulatory risks. With this in place, your concerns on meeting requirements set out in your industry is put at rest.

Here are some of the areas we look into under GRC:-

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