Securing the cloud

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Manage you cloud computing journey with help from our team of cloud security experts.

Cloud computing is evolving at a incredible rate. However, despite massive advances over the years Security still stands as the biggest barrier to adoption of Cloud computing for many companies. To many companies the risks of the unknown are just too high. Cloud computing is seen as effectively putting all their trust in a 3rd party. If things go wrong they can go very wrong very quickly. Yet the news of success stories continues to grow companies like Spotify and Netflix and the many benefits they have achieved from embracing Cloud computing. Benefits that really only become available to those that embrace the Cloud. For example significant cost reductions through pay as you go type services, rapid deployment times, high availability data centers all over the world.

Many different cloud models now exist, Software as a services SAAS, Platform as a service PAAS and Infrastructure as a service IAAS. The benefits when implemented correctly are staggering. We have worked with many companies to help them understand the risks of different models and provided independent advice on solutions that mitigate these risks. For example has you company considered sanitation/encryption of data before sending it to the cloud, do you use two factor logons to prevent brute force password attacks against the administrative logins. Have you considered setting up a VPN between your office and the Cloud provider to secure access. These and many more Cloud security issues can all be addressed by effective design and delivery and review. So why not advantage of our years on knowledge the rewards to embracing the cloud can be significant. For those that have adopted we can help highlight areas that could affect you company today so counter measures can be put in place before its too late.