Penetration Testing

Our assessment team help identifies, vulnerabilities in you networks, clouds, mobile apps and applications.  When you’re concerned about your network security, you want the top pentesting company to review it.

Cloud Security

Specialists in defining secure cloud architectures and builds ranging from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure to Google.

Managed Security

We offer managed security services which include 24 hour monitoring of systems and networks, patch and upgrade management, threat detection, disaster recovery, security assessments, audits and more.

Security Architecture

Your Data, Secured By Trusted Professionals

Outsource your cyber security to our team of highly qualified professionals. We can handle the full spectrum of cyber security needs or be a partner for your most crucial security issues.


Office 365 assessment

Office 365 has a multitude of security misconfiguration possibilities.  These issues could leave your organisation vulnerable exposing critical business data.  Take advantage of our Office 365 review to discover the issues and let us help implement a remediation plan before its too late.
cloud security

Azure Penetration Testing

Penetration testing in the Azure cloud has important differences from an on-prem assessment.  This range of unique technologies often leads to complications in security architecture and configuration– as well as the penetration testing process itself.

But the integration of new technologies brings about new security vulnerabilities as well.  By penetration testing your Azure cloud environment, you can identify and eliminate these security risks – including those unique to your private cloud.


AWS Penetration Testing

Penetration testing on the AWS cloud is unique, bringing its own set of security considerations. While some vulnerabilities are mitigated through Amazon’s security measures, the complexity of these services leaves many companies exposed. One of AWS strongest features is the immense flexibility that is provided to the users in setting up the environment. While the flexibility is great to have, it’s also a significant security concern.

GCP Penetration Testing

Cloud environments can be compromised in a variety of ways and misconfigurations that can leave you vulnerable to external attackers. They aren’t the only potential threat though: internal employees should be closely monitored as well for a few reasons, including potential for their own malicious activity, their potential for compromise from an external attacker (separate from a direct cloud environment compromise), or even their potential for making mistakes that open a security hole or perform an unintended action.